Única solución de virtualización de datos mainframe-resident en tiempo real con acceso universal de datos (Mainframe y Distribuido)

Rocket Data Virtualization is the industry’s only mainframe-resident data virtualization solution for real-time, universal access to data (mainframe and distributed), regardless of where it is located, what format it is in, or type of interface needed for access.

Rocket Data Virtualization enables the mainframe to more fully realize its role as an enterprise data server and platform for analytics

What is the challenge

  • Difficult to access mainframe data for analytics, so the data is old;
  • Cannot access non-relational data easily;
  • Need to join multiple data types, including mainframe and distributed data;
  • Large volumes of mainframe data are being moved and replicated (ETL);
  • High and Growing MIPS Costs a priority for the CIO, CFO and COO

Why choose it

  • Mainframe data doesn’t have to be moved and can be integrated in place with other data sources reducing costs and complexity.
  • Enables faster, more agile integration of mainframe data with Cloud, Mobile and BI/Analytics initiatives.
  • Extends IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator beyond just DB2 with seamless access to non-relational data.

Is there an opportunity

  • Does your organization have a zIIP specialty engine to reduce CPU cycles?
  • Is there a large volumes of non-relational data that is proving difficult of access (Adabas, IMS, VSAM)?
  • Is there a need to join mainframe and distributed data?
  • Does the organization move large amounts of mainframe data via complex ETL processes?

Is there an analytics initiative that requires mainframe data access using ANSI92SQL?

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